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StreamToMe app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 7888 ratings )
Photo & Video Music
Developer: Matthew Gallagher
2.99 USD
Current version: 3.18, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 17 Aug 2009
App size: 3.7 Mb

Use StreamToMe on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to play *video*, *music* and *photo* files streamed over WiFi or Cellular from any Mac or Windows PC running the free ServeToMe server (download from No prior conversion or syncing required (huge number of formats supported) just tap the file and it plays. Play on your device or Apple TV via AirPlay or use TV out dock/lightning cables, turning your iPhone/iPod/iPad into a mobile media player for all your computers files.


- Huge number of video, music and image formats supported (MP4, MKV, AVI, MP3, AAC, FLAC, JPEG, PNG and many more).
- Video up to HD quality 1080p
- Continuous and random playlist modes or single file only mode.
- iTunes library integration; browse your iTunes files and playlists
- iPhoto library integration
- Play all your music, display album art
- Play through folders or use your iTunes playlists
- TV out via the Apple Component, Composite and VGA cables (iPhone4 or newer)
- SRT, SSA and SUB files or embedded text or DVD_SUB subtitles
- Play audio in background
- AirPlay audio and video support


Why bother converting your stuff to an iPhone/iPod size or iPad format before you can view it? Syncing files to your iOS device is a pain.

StreamToMes companion program *ServeToMe*, which runs on your Mac or PC, does that for you. StreamToMe users can download ServeToMe for free from

ServeToMe converts the files to an iPhone/iPad-friendly format *on-the-fly*, so a single touch will start playback on your device in as little as 5 seconds.


You can stream movies up to HD quality (1080p) over WiFi to your iPhone or iPad from most recent Macs and PCs.

- *Movie files*: in MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPG, MKV, WMV and more formats
- *Music files* in MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, M4A and more formats.
- *Photo files* in JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF (RAW files are not supported)

You can *pause and seek* through the file on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as though it were actually on your device.

**WiFi or Cellular**

Stream over 3G or 4G anywhere from your Mac/PC to your iPhone/iPod/iPad. You can watch your movies, listen to your music wherever you are (port forwarding may be required to make your home network reachable from an external location).


*StreamToMe* runs on any iOS 6 or greater iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

You also need the free *ServeToMe* program running on either an Intel Mac (OS X 10.6 or later) or a PC with Pentium4 or greater running XP SP2, Vista or Windows. A 1.8Ghz Core i5 or faster is recommended. PowerPC Macs are not supported.

ServeToMe is a *free program* that StreamToMe users can download from

StreamToMe requires a continuous, direct connection between your Mac or PC and your iOS device. Network settings may affect the ability to connect.

StreamToMe is a transcoding server and may require significant CPU power to perform transcoding. To play movies in 720p or greater, a 2.4Ghz dual core CPU or better recommended. Pentium 4, Atom, Core i3 and Celeron CPUs may need to specify lower transcoding resolutions.

Connecting from an external location (Cellular or non-local WiFi) requires UPnP/NAT-PMP or manual port forwarding on your router. Some configuration may be required (help at

StreamToMe/ServeToMe does NOT play back any DRM-protected audio or video formats.

Screenshots and App Preview include music and cover artwork by Lorenzos Music, available at, license, and screenshots from Tears of Steel by Blender Foundation at, license Screenshots and App Preview may be reused under these same terms.

Pros and cons of StreamToMe app for iPhone and iPad

StreamToMe app good for

Great application! simple, great, and with the mac version just incredible I have always looked for a simple solution to all that it does!. But one thing that would be great to add, is to be able to see .psd files. And keep adding support for more and other file formats! keep up the good work!
Very great app ! Just few issues with MKV seeking. Could you fix that please ? 5 stars when this little bug is fixed. AirPlay on apple tv works like a charm.
Au top, parfaite ... NOTE : CAN you please add a WOL Fonction !?
Could you just add a bouton like the reward 30 secs, for forwarded 30 secs... Or better with the optional timed jump settings, like 30s, 60s, 90s... As well ???? Otherwise its a good program, and the second ive used "for free" as a jailbroken app thatve bought for a regular use. Many thanks to make my life easier...
This app is really amazing ! I have a PC that I use mostly as a server, storing music, photos and videos. And for the latter, I couldnt find any app to stream them. And it is exactly what StreamToMe does, perfectly, fast and easily. I can then watch my movies in .avi or whatever on my IPad, as well as my pictures.
Ive been using StreamToMe for a month and it works as advertised. The app on the iPhone runs without a glitch and the server app installed on my early 2009 mac mini is so unobstrusive that I can barely tell it is running and performing the streaming on the fly. I think the app has room for improvement, and Ill email the developer with a few suggestions, but I give it five stars for the seamless mac/iPhone integration and ease of use. Recommended.

Some bad moments

For most of files Ive tried it hasnt worked :( I really dont recommend it. Ive found other better apps that work much better than this one.
Program doesnt show thumb ( folder.jpg, .jpg). Not sorted by type of files, all files ( jpg, avi, mkv, mp3 - all files in one folder) PLEX look very nice
After I paid for it and it installed, couldnt even run it! It keeps crashing when I try to open it.
This app is a time vampire wast of time. Save your money does not work at all.
Since last update, you cant leave the player in the background; it wont shuffle to the next song. Please fix this.
Ive been using it for over a year and while I was pretty happy with its functionalities, Im getting more and more frustrated with it. See, the makers of this app seem to consider it perfect as it is since they havent updated it in ages. And with the recent update to iOS 8, new problems seem to arise. Its getting more and more difficult to scrape the video back and forth. Ialso having problems with photo display. The proportions are wrong when you open a new picture for about 1 second and the pic resizes to its proper ration. Somtimes it changes size two times before getting it right. Its extremely annoying since I like to watch my girly pics in a diaporama style, with each picture displaying for a few seconds. I think these problems are due to the code not veing optimiEd for the last two versions of iOS. But what do I know? Im looking for a better straming app, now.

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