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Great application! simple, great, and with the mac version just incredible I have always looked for a simple solution to all that it does!. But one thing that would be great to add, is to be able to see .psd files. And keep adding support for more and other file formats! keep up the good work!

Awesome app for Apple TV

Very great app ! Just few issues with MKV seeking. Could you fix that please ? 5 stars when this little bug is fixed. AirPlay on apple tv works like a charm.


Au top, parfaite ... NOTE : CAN you please add a WOL Fonction !?

We need more, a little... More

Could you just add a bouton like the reward 30 secs, for forwarded 30 secs... Or better with the optional timed jump settings, like 30s, 60s, 90s... As well ???? Otherwise its a good program, and the second ive used "for free" as a jailbroken app thatve bought for a regular use. Many thanks to make my life easier...

Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This app is really amazing ! I have a PC that I use mostly as a server, storing music, photos and videos. And for the latter, I couldnt find any app to stream them. And it is exactly what StreamToMe does, perfectly, fast and easily. I can then watch my movies in .avi or whatever on my IPad, as well as my pictures.

Problem on IOS9.0.1

The new upgrade has a small window :-(

Great app!

Ive been using StreamToMe for a month and it works as advertised. The app on the iPhone runs without a glitch and the server app installed on my early 2009 mac mini is so unobstrusive that I can barely tell it is running and performing the streaming on the fly. I think the app has room for improvement, and Ill email the developer with a few suggestions, but I give it five stars for the seamless mac/iPhone integration and ease of use. Recommended.


For most of files Ive tried it hasnt worked :( I really dont recommend it. Ive found other better apps that work much better than this one.

Great app!!

It works perfectly, and allows me to access my pics, movies and specially musics remotely, wherever I am. It also plays my files, through iPad or iPhone in my AppleTV, which is nice since I dont need to put it all into iTunes or convert everything to mp4. Excellent solution for business files too. It is certainly a must-have solution.

iOS 8

Great app!!! The best one!

EQ still missing !

With an included Equalizer the App would be outstanding. Theres no streaming App FOR YOUR OWN iTunes LIBRARY including an Equalizer!!! So, GO FOR IT !!!

Best streaming app ever.

Using this app since over one year. Everything works fine and I dont want to miss it. Also the support is fantastic -if you have problems just write an e-mail and it will be answered in less than 24h. I would buy it again without hestating.


I tried a few apps for streaming music and videos to my iphone and just switched from qloud media. This app is so stable and fast. Love it!

The Best!!

After a bit of a struggle to set it up outside my own network, I finally got it to work. Compared to other programs of the same type Ive tried, this is by far number 1. Well done!!


just like advertised, easy installation and very efficient give it a 5 star, its like having my computer everywhere I go

Excellent app

It does what it advertises, one of the very few apps in this category, the only thing i would like to see in this app is filtering by file type

Perfect for videos, passable on music

This app is simply unmatched In the speed and efficiency of streaming videos. Just a couple seconds wait then your good to go. Ive been using it for 2 months and its basically flawless While this app is perfectly capable of streaming music, its not as ideal. It doesnt browse your library but rather your folder structure, which is fine is you keep your music organized. But you cant manage any playlists, you cant play anything but the lowest level folder and theres no now playing view. And because the app can stream pics youll often have your playback stop because the app has "played" the cd cover image that happens to be in the folder. Still this app is worth it for the video steaming alone. I wish it managed music better, but I still havent found anything more reliable.

Just great

Ive tried many apps and this one is the best! Many thx to the creators.

Great app!

Works well. No problems. Definitely worth the money!

Very good

Very good app. Works very well over wifi and 3G. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to have access to their media wherever they are!

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